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Automatická metoda měření

ESR instruments do not just make the working procedure easier, they are also an investment in streamlining. Processing and organisation on the ward and in laboratories is made more efficient. There are three instruments for different streamlining purposes, as well as a broad range of accessories like scanner and mixer.

ESR Instrument SRT10/II:
The SRT 10/II is the ideal instrument for small to medium sized wards. It is very space saving.
ESR Instrument SRS20/II:
The SRS20/II is intended for bigger wards or small hospitals. The instrument analyses up to 40 samples per hour and tubes can be inserted at any time, even with barcode reading.
ESR Instrument SRS100/II:
With the SRS100/II, it is possible to centralise all sedimentations for a complete hospital in the laboratory. The instrument has the same technical features as the SRS20/II, but with the possibility of 200 tests per hour, a far higher capacity.

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